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The Ontario Rescue Vision

If all of my deepest hopes, desires and ambitions should come to pass; the world would undergo a great change. Mankind’s consciousness would be raised, and we would experience a fundamental transformation in respect to our understanding of all animals and their treatment. In short, animals will once and for all be treated “humanely" and will find their rightful place as a respected part of civilization and society. Then our government will create and enforce its laws and regulations fairly and compassionately, in order to support, uphold and defend these otherwise innocent, defenseless and beautiful creatures. Any abuse or misuse of an animal in our society will be met by swift and severe repercussions, and the whole system will work together in one common goal and accord to ensure this justice. In such a society, for example, factory farming will come to an end; the using of animals for mere entertainment by subjecting them to acts of cruelty, force, or subservience will be abolished. The torture or killing of animals for the sake of producing articles of clothing, shoes, hats, or any other types of wear will cease. Hunting, poaching, and clubbing will no longer be tolerated. In other words: Animals will never again need to fear for their lives. Animals will be freed from all human abuse.

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A 501(c)(3) Organization

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