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About Barrera the founder

For as far back as I can ever remember, I have always had a passion for saving animals. I would always bring home any animal that was in need of aid. Growing up, I knew that I wanted to work with animals and to somehow dedicate my life to this work. 
Running a rescue allows me to do exactly that! When I was earning my bachelor’s degree in psychology, one thing intrigued me especially, namely, the “principles” of psychology which make psychology a science. In short, psychology is the science and study of both human and non-human (animal) behavior.  

Animals have played a vastly important and indispensable role in enabling the field of psychology to evolve in its understanding and explanation of human behavior. 

Today, I continue to work closely with veterinarians who guide and assist me in the successful treatment of each animal in my care. 

I am constantly encompassing in a greater way the knowledge and passion that it takes to direct and operate a successful rescue organization. Recently, in 2012, with the help of dedicated volunteers.

I managed the successful rescue of 200 bunnies/rabbits from a dire hoarding situation. For the past three years, I have consistently overseen ongoing adoption events at both Petco Montclair and Petco Chino, in which we have successfully adopted out over 100 different animals into their new forever homes. 

We have re-homed animals in desperate need, educated the public in the proper care of their animals, advocated for the vital importance of spaying and neutering, and have worked tirelessly to save and nurture every animal that comes to our door.

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