Everyone deserves a chance

Don't They?

You would never know she was dying by how beautiful and innocent she looks. But her insides are so badly damaged that only a horrible person could do this.

PLEASE we beg you to Donate anything you can....She needs you! She deserves to live doesn't she.?.

www.torescue.org/donate please donate anything you can. Lets give her hope


How sad for this little baby kitten. What a horrible way to start life, unwanted and abused and thrown in the trash. LITERALLY!

We don't know the extent of her abuse only the outcome.

THROWN in the TRASH like she doesn't matter. We can only assume that she was hurt so bad they thought they killed her.

She now needs surgery to save her life. Because of the trauma this poor kitten has endured she has a hernia that is blocking her bladder. There is more trauma but can only be seen opening her up and surgically repairing her.

What could she have possibly done to deserve this? NOTHING!

Even with all this abuse she survived she will still look up at you with innocent eyes and give you a kiss. PLEASE LETS SAVE HER....


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Daisy deserves a chance...Please help give her one

This is Daisy. She was in labor when she was brought to our rescue. We rushed her to our local vet who performed an ultrasound and identified a dead puppy. She required an emergency spay to save her life. Our veterinarian that we use for our spays and neuters took on her case even though they were closing in an hour.
Daisy was picked up a couple hours later to heal at my house. The veterinarian said she had two dead puppies who had already been dead and decaying for some time. The infection was so bad that it was a miracle she was not dead. Her will to survive is incredible. But her worn down body tells a different story. She had many litters in the past.
I took Daisy home to monitor her after her surgery. I checked on Daisy every 15 minutes. Within a few hours, I noticed she was declining rapidly and rushed her to an emergency vet. After some blood work and x-rays they found that Daisy needed stronger antibiotics, IV fluids with additives, and other medications to help her get through the night.

The cost is more than we can bear; and when we saw the estimate it was unbelievable. We can't afford to save her without your help.

We have to do what is best for Daisy. She is still at the emergency hospital and will be transferred to our local vet Monday morning. In the meantime, we are at $4000 in debt for just Daisy.

We know it has been twice this weekend that we have pleaded for help. This is what rescue work is all about; Love, compassion, and unconditional love for an animal. We are pleading that just this week, can give up your Starbucks coffee and just have coffee at home, or don’t go out to lunch and pack a lunch, give up something to help save the life of such an innocent creature.
Daisy deserves a chance to live, be loved, and never be used again for breeding. Doesn't She? Donations can be called into our rescue 909-267-9715 or be made directly by clicking the donate button.


We are saving one life at time: Join in our fight................

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Every donation is 100% tax deductible. All of the donations received will go directly to the animals we serve. We will provide veterinary care, shots, spays and neuters, medication, as well as the cost of food and shelter.

Each donation will decrease the number of animals euthanized each year due to lack of space in shelters. Your donation will provide one animal at a time with the needed supplies for survival. Every donation no matter how small will help an animal in need. Our mission is to continue to provide for the homeless animals, hoarding situations, abandoned animals, and for the abused or neglected animal. We will advocate the importance of spaying and neutering animals, donations will be used to carry out that mission. We are a NO kill shelter dedicated to the rehabilitation and re-homing of our furry friends.


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