Everyone deserves a chance

Don't They?

Sprite is the only survivor of her litter. They all caught a terrible virus that claimed the lives of her sisters, Cherub and Angel. Her desire to live started from there. Two weeks after the virus subsided, she became incredibly constipated. A vet visit revealed her anus was too small and underdeveloped. Euthanasia was recommended but we refuse to give up on her. Sprite requires a troupe of reconstructive surgery to widen her anus and allow her to use her litter box without the need for constant laxatives so she can poop. We know times are hard right now, but if you are able to contribute anything towards her surgery, you will make a big difference in the life of our special little girl. If you cannot donate monetarily, we ask you to share this and to include her in your thoughts and prayers. Sprite’s tenacity to keep fighting is truly inspiring. She is so sweet and deserves a life free of pain and full of love. Donations can also be called in directly to our rescue over the phone 909-267-9715.

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