Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim didn't deserve this suffering

This is just one of many causes that The Ontario Rescue supports. Tiny Tim was abandoned to live on the streets when his family moved away and left him behind. He had no idea why they left him and he tried to fit into the street life but the street life beat him up badly. He had large infections from cat fights and not being able to fit in.

Can you imagine what he was thinking? Why did they leave me? What did I do wrong? If I hadn't meow loudly would you have kept me? If I didnt want to cuddle so close would I still have a family?

Unfortunately for Tiny Tim his last thoughts might have been, "If I was more cute or pretty, would I have lived?"

The Ontario Rescue was contacted by a concerned citizen about a kitty that was abandoned by the previous owners of a house close by. They had watched Tiny Tim's health decline and finally decided that something had to be done about it. When The Ontario rescue arrived and received TIny Tim, he was immediately rushed to emergency. Many life saving procedures and tests were given to him. Pain medication was given from the moment he arrived. His health was critical and we had spent many hours and days with him, letting him know he was important and his life mattered. It saddened our heart when he passed and we were thankful that we could be there in his final days. Nobody can begin to imagine the suffering Tiny Tim endured, both emotionally and physically.

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The Ontario Rescue also offers animals care information and spay/neuter education to the public to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the problem of pet overpopulation.

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